ABOUT US – Board of Directors

As the governing body of Children of Promise, the  Board of Directors navigates and directs Children of Promise toward our vision.  They work together to provide the resources necessary and to establish and maintain policies that enable Children of Promise to assist the most children possible in the most effective ways.  The Board meets quarterly, or more often as needed.  We are grateful for these leaders who willingly volunteer their expertise, skill, influence, and passion on behalf of the children in need.  They are dedicated to the vision and mission of Children of Promise.

Let us introduce our Board of Directors:
2015 Board of Directors photo cropped
President: Dale VanHoose –  Columbus, Ohio (Front row – center)
Vice-President: Melanie Musser – Fishers, Indiana (Front row – 1st from right)
Secretary: Dr. Leroy Quashie –  Anderson, Indiana (Front row – 3rd from left
Treasurer: James Jenkins –  Columbus, Ohio (Back row – 1st from left)

Pat Bailey – Indianapolis, Indiana (First row – 1st from right)
Rev. Andrew Gale – Anderson, Indiana (Back row – 2nd from right)
Dr. Robert Holstein – Inverness, Florida (First row – 2nd from left)
Rev. Judy Hughes – Springfield, Ohio (Back row – 3rd from right)
Jeff Jenness – Anderson, Indiana (Back row – 3rd from left)
Renee Moss – Fishers, Indiana (Front row – 2nd from right)
Ben Shular – Fishers, Indiana (Back row – 2nd from left)
Rev. Mary Stephens – Anderson, Indiana  (Front row – 3rd from right)
Dr. Paul Maxfield – Children of Promise, Anderson, Indiana (ex-officio, non-voting) (Back row – 1st from right)