Sheena Collins

Program Director, Guyana

Program Director, Guyana

Guyana Program Director’s Welcome

A shower pouring of God’s blessings, as I bring you greetings from the churches of God in Guyana.

Guyana is a growing and developing country, filled with vast cultures and breathe taking natural beauty. While many of our communities are flourishing, there are still lots of children living in lack of the basic necessities of life; such as running water, electricity, proper education and daily nutrients.

That is why it is an honor and privilege to be partnering with the Children of Promise program. We are grateful to Dr. Maxfield and the Board of Directors of Children of Promise, for extending its resources to the church of God in Guyana.

It is expected that through this program we would be able to restore hope, by elevating the physical and spiritual conditions in which these children exist.

Together we will work in the service of the Lord, showing His love in a real and personal way, as we minister to hearts and bring smiles on the faces of the little ones.

Our God is Great!
Sheena Collins
Program Director-Guyana

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