ABOUT US – Our Story

Children of Promise, Inc., was established to provide financial assistance for programs to aid needy children in ministries of the Church of God* outside the United States. The ministry desires to have a program in every developing country where the Church of God has functioning congregations.

At present, Children of Promise’s purpose is unique within the Church of God Movement.  Children are the future leaders of the Church and the communities of the world. Many of them are being denied a promising future because of poverty, lack of education, and disease. Children of Promise is committed to providing assistance in these areas, to introducing each child to Christ, and to providing spiritual nurture. The organization is committed to helping build young lives all over the world that will be physically and spiritually healthy, as well as productive in the Church and community. Your sponsorship and donations work hard to help Children of Promise fulfill its purpose.

It is gratifying to see that children who have been sponsored for a number of years are now entering professional studies, trade schools, Bible training schools, and seminaries. The Children of Promise sponsorship program has given them the health care, nutrition, education, spiritual nurture, and encouragement needed to become servant leaders and participants in their local congregations and communities. This is a goal for each participant of Children of Promise.

Thank you to the thousands of sponsors and churches who have and are supporting the effort to rescue, restore, and release children bound by poverty and despair.  HOPE is being delivered to each child – and that is because of the wonderful sponsors and friends who faithfully support their children and the ministry of Children of Promise.  God bless you.

*Children of Promise, Inc., is affiliated with the Church of God, headquartered in Anderson, Indiana. Children of Promise was started jointly in 1992 by the Women of the Church of God and the former Missionary Board of the Church of God (now Global Strategy). In 2002, Children of Promise was granted official non-profit status. As an independent non-profit organization, its ties to the Church of God are fundamental. Children of Promise collaborates with Global Strategy and other divisions of Church of God Ministries, Inc., as it carries out its ministry to children around the world.