Zambia kids receive mattresses

Today we are sharing photos from another country’s birthday celebration for Children of Promise sponsored children. These photos are from Zambia where the birthday funds were used, along with some additional funds available, to purchase a new mattress for each sponsored child. Many of these children have never slept on a bed like this! This was a very exciting day for these children!


Children of Promise Director Mailes Ndao shared this observation from this exciting day:

“The sponsors may never know because you can’t see it in the pictures. But here is what happened. The children were so quiet when receiving the mattresses, especially those from the village of Petauke. After they loaded them into the vehicle, they all burst into celebration. I asked why there were so quiet all along. They responded that when they first saw the mattresses they couldn’t believe that there were taking them home and getting to sleep on them for the first time”

Once the truck took off, evidently the truth of the situation sank in and they began to celebrate!

Thank you for your donations to the COP Birthday Fund. Your donations mean Zambian kids will sleep in healthy ways and with more comfort. Sponsors, you make such a difference!

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