Three Children find Family through Children of Promise

On Jan. 1, 2018, Northside Church of God in Springfield, Ohio, made the compassionate decision to sponsor three children from three different countries: Nepal, India and Tanzania. When the church received the child profiles encouraging them to support Children of Promise, they felt the need to not just support one of the children but all three.

This was an exciting and new experience for Northside Church of God; therefore, a special celebration was thrown in honor of sponsoring the three children that had been placed on these members’ hearts. The church called the event an “adoption party.”

“Our coming together to celebrate this event created some excitement,” says Daisy Franko, the chairperson of the church council and who serves on their mission’s committee.
“Everyone wanted to learn more about the children we were going to be sponsoring.”

The adoption party for the three children was held on a Sunday evening service with special foods that represented the three countries. Members of the congregation could learn more about the three boys on posters with photos, facts about their countries, and their countries’ flags. Together in unity, the congregation sang children’s songs and bonded over their newly “adopted” kids. They even took group pictures to send to each child, holding signs saying ‘We love you’ and inserted the boys’ names.

Northside Church of God is missionary-minded with the congregation giving to their Missions projects as a high priority. For that reason, Franko noted there was absolutely no problem jumping into sponsoring the three kids using mission’s funds to support the Children of Promise project.

“We support several missionaries who do mission work in Haiti, the Middle East, Africa, and the South Dakota Indian Reservation,” says Franko. Additionally, the church is an avid giver to the Cote d’lvoire Bible Institution, the Brazil Leadership Development and a local food pantry in Springfield.

A spot in the church’s Sunday bulletin is reserved for a photograph of their Child of Promise the Sunday before his birthday. They will soon display a designated bulletin board for their sponsored Children of Promise with correspondence information or interesting occurrences with the children so that the congregation will be updated.

Northside Church of God is one great example that anyone can sponsor children across seas in order to provide them a better life. Even small provisions offered to kids who are in need can truly make a difference.

“We as a congregation are so happy and honored to be involved in this project and pray that these young boys will grow up to be strong Christian men used of the Lord.”




(Maria Neathery is a junior from Greenwood Indiana, majoring in public relations and minoring in event planning and music business. Neathery is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of Children of Promise.)