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Special Edition: Wills, Estates, Endowments & Special Gifts


Since 1988 the number of gifts through wills and estate bequests to not-for-profit organizations has doubled. Studies indicate that 6 trillion dollars will be left to ministries and charities by baby boomers. Many people have great joy in giving and want to make a lasting difference. You may be one of these “many.”

These kinds of gifts are not for everyone. If this is not for you, we deeply appreciate the difference you make now. If it is for you—read on!

At Children of Promise, we have many dedicated sponsors who will want to make a gift. Our goal is not to press you into an estate gift. Yet, we want those who are interested to have helpful information. This special edition of @COP gives some good information, and directs you to helpful resources.


Picture11We are pleased to announce the Sidney & Jean Ratzlaff Johnson Endowment. An endowment is a way to make a gift to Children of Promise that will continue to make a difference for generations to come.

There are endowments in the USA that reach back to the 1700s.  Generally speaking, the principal is invested and income from that investment supports the named beneficiary. Your gift, partnered with others, can make an amazing difference to COP over a long period of time!

Our dream is that over time the endowment will cover all necessary administrative costs so that sponsors’ gifts will go 100% to the children.  If you love the great work of COP and want your support to live on, this is a wonderful way to make a gift.

Picture2Others may wish to make an estate gift to COP to  support COP’s current or most urgent needs, to honor a family member or for another purpose. Contact us  and we will listen to you  and strive to help you reach your specific goals.



Starting Children of Promise

As career missionaries, Sidney & Jean Johnson prepared for retirement. They asked Asian leaders, “How can we help you?” Their reply: “Help our children.” Out of that question and answer, the vision for Children of Promise was born.



A word about our beliefs concerning fundraising: http://tinyurl.com/q6avsm6

COP founders Sidney & Jean Ratzlaff Johnson talk about being missionaries: http://tinyurl.com/odlly89

COP founders Sidney & Jean Ratzlaff Johnson talk about starting Children of Promise:    http://tinyurl.com/pdhw82w

The COP planned giving site includes planned gift information, as well as information for seniors, and other resources:     http://www.CoPgift.org

COP & accountability: http://tinyurl.com/qysq2b3

Website:  www.echildrenofpromise.org


A Word from Kirk

He observes:  Two things have always been true In helping people make gifts. People who make estate gifts do so with great joy. God has blessed them, and  want their gifts to make a lasting difference. The following examples are all true stories, with names changed to protect privacy.

Charles is a widower with no close living relatives. He has divided his estate four ways to support the four ministries he loves.

Larry & Diane have tithed their entire married life. They have said that they want their tithe to continue on by supporting an endowment, which means their ministry support lives on.Picture6

Martha has left gifts to her family. Because they all have homes they love, she is leaving her home to her chosen ministry in her will.

Ray & Jane have two children. They are dividing their estate three ways, treating a ministry they love as a child.  Their children love the idea.

Anne has no living relatives. She wants to control where her estate goes and is leaving everything to ministries she loves.

Edna and her husband have long been faithful givers. Edna’s husband died last year. At 75 years old, she would love to make larger gifts but is hesitant. She has resources, but may live decades longer.  She may need those resources. Her solution? She makes small gifts now, and remembers ministries in her will.

Kirk Bookout

COP Director of Development
Has served people with  estate and other gifts for 12 years.

I am interested in making a gift. What do I do now?


Much of that is up to you. Here are some thoughts:

Call Kirk, our Development Director. He can talk to you about your options to give (tax considerations, best ways to leave gifts for family, and ways to give.) You can take that information to your attorney or financial planner.

Picture8Visit www.CoPgift.org  This is our planned giving site and has wonderful resources that will educate you about issues and options. It also includes a section for seniors dealing with many issues seniors face. In addition, there is a wills guide that will help you assemble information before you go to your attorney.

Visit the Children of Promise web site to explore the ministry and options that might interest you. The RESOURCE and GIVING OPTIONS  tabs will be especially helpful.

Picture9If you still are reading this, you probably already know that Children of Promise is about today, tomorrow, and eternity.

TODAY . . . Because of your partnership, children have nourishing food, education, medical support, and a Christian community.  Today, these children of promise have new hope.


Picture10TOMORROW . . . Their future has the hope of being profoundly better. We celebrate so many wonderful stories of graduates who have gone on to a better life and career with great hope.

ETERNITY . . . Through the Church community, children hear the good news of Christ and have opportunity to become a disciple of Christ and receive new life through Him.2015 COP Sunday Poster Featured Image on Web (383x269)