The Endowment

July 17th, 2015 | Danielle Brossart

Learn how you can make a lasting difference through the Sidney and Jean Ratzlaff Johnson Endowment.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a fund that is built over a long period of time. The endowment is structured so that the principal or base amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for ministry. This means that the gifts to an endowment will provide the donor a way to provide continuous income from generation to generation. Their legacy of support lives on.

Hypothetical Illustration (because we do not predict the future with certainty):  If an endowment is for $1,000,000, it is entirely possible that the endowment could provide $1,000,000 in funds over a twenty-year period, and still have $1,000,000 as the principal.

The Sidney & Jean Ratzlaff

The Sidney & Jean Ratzlaff Johnson Endowment is named in honor of the co-founders of Children of Promise. The vision is to provide perpetual support for the cause of Children of Promise that will eventually underwrite all necessary operational costs.  This will free 100% of every sponsorship support dollar to go directly to the children’s care.

Children of Promise is a remarkable ministry that is extremely effective in changing children’s lives now and for generations to come.

Through this endowment, lives will be changed, and the visionary work of our founders will be honored.

While the endowment is named after our founders, your endowment gift can be named in honor or memory of people you love.

About Sidney and Jean Ratzlaff

Sidney and Jean Ratzlaff Johnson have made a significant impact on the world. Sidney was born in a sharecropper’s family. Jean was raised in a pastor’s family in Western Pennsylvania. They met at Anderson College in Anderson, Indiana. Jean taught elementary school in Anderson, Indiana, following college graduation, while Sidney studied and graduated from the Anderson School of Theology.

Sidney and Jean began a lifetime of missionary service in 1955.  They served The Shelter Girls Home in Cuttack, India (1955-73), Thailand (1973-86) and served as the Missionary Board’s liaison for Asia.  In 1986, Sidney became Asian Administrator, and Jean worked with the women of the church in Asia.

Before 1975, the Church of God had a presence in six Asian countries. After 1975, the Asian church opened work in an additional 12 countries under the Johnsons’ leadership.

Starting Children of Promise

During their last administrative visit with the Asian leaders, the Johnsons asked, “How can we help you?” Their reply: “Help our children.” Out of that question the burden and vision for Children of Promise was born.

In 1992, Sidney and Jean co-founded Children of Promise. Jean led as Director, and Sidney volunteered full-time through 2003. Children of Promise began in cooperation with Women of the Church of God and the Missionary Board of the Church of God.

Children of Promise has grown to the current work in 30 countries with a vision to reach other countries. Over 10,000 children have been touched and changed by Children of Promise.

The Johnsons continue to champion the cause of Christ for Church of God missions work, particularly the work of the Church of God in Asia. Their work and influence is profound through all the lives that have been touched in the name of Christ.

Do You Want To Make A Difference?

Do you wish to make a lasting difference through a gift to Children of Promise?

You can have confidence when you talk with Children of Promise. The conversation will be comfortable and without pressure.

Kirk Bookout, Development Director, talks about Children of Promise convictions about fundraising:

Children of Promise is a 501c3, and qualified gifts are tax deductible.

Kirk Bookout, Development Director
Children of Promise
765.648.2114, office

How Can I Give?
  • ESTATE GIFTS – Through your will or living trust, your support for Children of Promise lives on. Could this be you? Twenty-seven years ago she passed away. She left a gift for an endowment to feed children. Although gone for 27 years, today she fed 54 children.
  • IRA/RETIREMENT PLANS – For many, the best way to make a charitable bequest is through a retirement plan because it has the biggest tax savings to the estate. Talk to us for more information.
  • GIFTS OF STOCKS OR OTHER ASSETS –The way these gifts are structured can have a very positive effect on taxes and impact for family members left behind. Talk to us for more details.
  • PAYABLE ON DEATH (POD) These accounts are easy to create and make a significant difference.
  • INCOME PRODUCING GIFTS – These are irrevocable gifts that produce income for you while you live. Many have tax advantages, and often a portion of income is tax-free.

We want you to know there are a variety of types of gifts and ways to give that are best for you, have tax advantages, and provide for your family. We will provide information that will be helpful to you as you prepare to meet your financial advisor or lawyer. Our Development Director, Kirk Bookout, has training and experience in these areas.

How is The Endowment Invested and Protected?

The endowment is invested through the Church of God Foundation. While the Foundation manages the endowment, it is owned by Children of Promise and investment decisions reside with Children of Promise.

Children of Promise goes through an annual audit which is reported to the Children of Promise Board of Directors in person by an auditor.

Children of Promise is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and is a highly respected Christian accountability organization. You can read more about ECFA at