The Grafton Family was very pleased to be able to support Children of Promise from its inception. Paula’s support grew as time went on, and her husband, Herb, is glad to continue supporting the ministry. Paula’s life was perhaps most centered on children. She taught primary school (mainly 1st grade) for over 30 years. She gave music lessons, piano and voice, all her adult life to church and neighborhood kids at no charge! She did this to develop pianists and singers for the church.

As is true for many Christians, Paula was majorly involved with worship, choir, Sunday school teaching, youth conventions, youth camp counseling, WCG, camp meeting music, and working one on one with people, including Fresh-air Kids from the city—she opened her home to them in the summertime.

She and Herb Wilson were married three years ago. They divided their time every year with 6 months at their home in Pennsylvania and 6 months in Houston, Texas where Herb has lived for 28 years. Paula enjoyed Herb’s daughter, Shawn, and her husband, Pete, and their 2 children, Miranda and Nate.

We thank Children of Promise for the expansion of our Christian lives in being able to rub elbows with children of other countries. Paula was always presenting the need to the churches at large. Thank you for your special kindness at this time of Paula’s wonderful graduation!

Herb Wilson and Family
Ruby Wilson, the Grafton Family, Ann and Dick Shick