Sending your child(ren) gifts and letters.

We know you love to give your sponsored child(ren) special items every now and again. In the past, we had two ways of sending your gifts to your child(ren).

1. If traveling to your child’s country, we put these items in the staff’s luggage.
However, due to customs regulations, increased air luggage costs, and decreased luggage allowances, it has become quite expensive and difficult to deliver packages in this manner. Therefore, we will not be able to take gifts to your children.

2. The second method is boxing up the items to mail to the program’s director for distribution to the children.
In addition to the postage fees not being included in our budget, the gifts will rarely reach their final destination due to theft.

So, in order to be good stewards over our funds and yours, we are sorry to say that we can no longer accept any gift packages to be sent to your child(ren).

To be sure each child receives a birthday and Christmas gift, you can give directly to the Children of Promise Birthday and Christmas Funds. This money is sent to the director and they purchase the gifts in country.

If you would like to send something special to your child, it must fit flatly in a greeting card.

Some suggested ideas are:

  • Picture Postcards
  • Photos
  • Tracts
  • Bookmarks

Thank you for helping us keep our expenses down so we can focus on the needs of the children.


Download our updated guidelines for quick reference – Letter Guidelines - ( 314 KB)