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New Realities are Built One Child at a Time.

Celebration Sunday

Suggested Dates: Sunday, September 22nd or any Sunday convenient for your church

Contact our office if you did not receive this important information: 765.648.2190 or cop@echildrenofpromise.org.

Celebration Sunday are annual events to sponsor children around the world.

Child sponsorship is proving to be the most effective tool in fighting child trafficking.  Your church can have a global ministry through Children of Promise.  Children grow up with a strong spiritual foundation in a Church of God.  They are often mentored individuals in their local church as well as the Children of Promise committee.  COP Sunday offers individuals, Sunday School classes, children, and youth ministries to get involved in changing the trajectory of a child’s life from hopeless to a future filled with the possibilities.

Children sponsored through Children of Promise often attend trade schools or universities following high school graduation.  There are many young people who are now leaders in their communities and churches.  They are fulfilling their dreams of becoming professionals in their communities and leaders in the Church of God in 30 countries.  The impact can be witnessed in any of the 30 countries where Children of Promise and local congregations of the Church of God serve the poor.  Will you honor those children who are currently sponsored and those who have graduated from the program by sponsoring a child today?  Would you host a Children of Promise Sunday event at your church to sponsor children?  Contact us.  Let’s begin planning today!

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*Church of God Ministries established Freedom Sunday in conjunction with the Trafficklight project to fight against human trafficking around the world.  During this 2018 – 2019 effort, Church of God Ministries, together with Children of Promise, are endeavoring to sponsor over 500 children.