Global Ministry

You do not have to look far to find a child sponsorship ministry in operation in the developing world.  There are so many children who need help that no one organization can accomplish the task alone.   We must all work together to bring health and wholeness to the world’s chidlren living in poverty and despair.

Children of Promise is unique in that it is distinctly Church of God in nature.  Children of Promise opens programs at the request of the national leadership of the Church of God in the country, based on evidenced need.  The ministry is designed to be an extension of the local congregation in the village or city.  It is designed to provide long-term relationship between the church members and the children and their families, rather than between an organization and a child.  It is holistic approach in which we want to impact a child’s life over an extended period of time.  Driven by 1,000 volunteers globally, Children of Promise is ministering to 4,700 children in over 160 sites in 30 countries in the world.

In this section of our website, we introduce you to the programs around the world.  In each location, volunteers monitor the children’s well-being, purchase and distribute food to children and families, provide school supplies, pay school fees, take children to the doctor, purchase medicines, and encourage the children’s participation in the Christian education program of the local church or ministry.  They pray for the children, support them and their families in their daily struggles, and offer the love of Christ.

All over the world – in teeming urban slums, jungle villages, altiplano huts, island settings, mountain settlements, desert dwellings, mud brick houses, and thatched homes – children are being loved, cared for, and guided toward a promising future because of the love and support of sponsors who provide the means necessary – and because of volunteers who believe in the children and the program.

We invite you to visit our country sites on the map below.  Countries where COP is operating are shaded and display a blue bulls-eye on the map. Click on the bulls-eye for a snapshot of our program there and then click Read More to learn specific information about the country, more about the program(s) in the country, and learn about the specific needs and challenges in that area of the world.

Welcome to the Children of Promise world, where rescuing, restoring, and releasing children from poverty and hopelessness is happening every day. Thank you for joining us in this exciting endeavor.