India – Children of Promise

Rev. Sanjay Murmu
Sanjay Murmu

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Children of Promise

Individual children are ministered to in Siliguri, West Bengal, and the surrounding area. This region is a tea-growing area, and sponsorship is making a difference in the lives of children whose families live and work in the tea fields. Illiteracy and tradition make it difficult for these families to break into other lines of work, even though the tea industry has declined, and wages are hardly at subsistence levels.

The children served in this region have the chance for an education – something not thought possible before sponsorship arrived.

The children are served spiritually by several congregations of the Church of God in the tea-growing region. These congregations nurture, love, and care for these children in the name of Jesus.

Through sponsorship, your child receives food, basic medical care, education, and Christian nurture.

The cost of sponsoring a child here is $32 per month. Your support is giving a very special child hope and a future.  Thank you!

India, South Central Asia

IndiaIndia is located in Asia. It is a land that enjoys great racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. It is the world’s largest functioning democracy. There are over 1 billion people living in India, yet it is only one-third the size of the United States. Over 80% of the people are Hindu; 10% are Muslim; and 3-4% are Christian.

India received her independence from Britain in 1947. India borders Bangladesh, China, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Agriculture and industry are both very important to India’s economy. Over 70% of Indians live in villages. The cities of Bombay and Calcutta have exploding populations. AIDS has become a major issue in both Bombay and Calcutta. Leprosy also continues to be a challenge, with over 3,000,000 sufferers.

Christian hospitals, schools, and radio broadcasts have had a tremendous impact on the population of India. There is religious freedom to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ; however, Christians do suffer persecution, sometimes even violent persecution.
In the late 19th century, a Muslim convert, through contact with the Gospel Trumpet, started the work of the Church of God in India. There are now over 800 congregations of the Church of God in India with over 70,000 Christians attending. The Church is served by dedicated and committed Indian leaders.