NEW Child Sponsorship Commitment & Non-Credit Card Payment

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Section I. Child Sponsorship Commitment
I/We commit to sponsor
TRAFFFICKLIGHT 2.0  Check box if this sponsorship is part of a Trafficklight 2.0 Event or Freedom Sunday.

(all sponsorships are individual and $32/month unless otherwise noted)

Section II. Sponsor Information

Preferred Method of Communication *

Section III. Payment Options - Choose one of the 3 options.

Preferred Method of Payment *

Regular monthly support amount
Monthly gift to Christmas/Birthday funds
Donation to Making It All Happen Fund
Total Amount Withdrawn Monthly

Please do NOT include any sensitive payment details, a COP representative will contact you to get bank routing or credit card details.

Section IV. Statements

Send ElectronicallySend via US Postal Mail

For payments by Check, you will receive a monthly statement, but can opt to only receive one statement per year.
For payments by Automatic Bank Withdrawal (ACH), you will receive an annual statement in January for the previous year.