Rev. José Antonio Jiménez

Program Director, Colombia (Catalina)

Program Director, Colombia (Catalina)

Colombia (Catalina) Program Director’s Welcome

Our children live in households with an average of 4-5 children and where the father has abandoned the family. They depend on the support that mothers can achieve in domestic work, earning about $5.00 per day.

These children are vulnerable to common crime, recruitment by guerrilla groups and the criminal gangs operating in major cities. Girls are tempted to develop the work of prostitution, from an early age, to help their mothers meet the expenses of the family. Prostitution of young girls is creating a crisis in our nation.

Thanks to the Niños de Promesa program (since 2005) we have been able to minister to families with children in this type of vulnerability in the community of Catalina in Bogotá, Colombia. They have benefited from food, education, hygiene and health care and medical education, but above all spiritual help through God’s Church.


Rev. Antonio Jose Jimenez

Program Director, Niños de Promesa, Colombia (Catalina)

Pastor, Catalina Church of God

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