Carolina Stewart

Program Director, Honduras

Program Director, Honduras

Honduras Program Director’s Welcome

Greetings from Children of Promise of Honduras

I am very grateful to my Lord for having brought this blessing to our country through the Church of God. I also thank the sponsors that proposed in their heart to help our children. While chatting with one of the mothers she mentioned, ‘I tell my son if it were not for the program you could not study.’ This is because she is the mother of four children and could not afford the money for an education.

Also we had a child who had a disease, called blount, who needed an expensive operation. With the help of this program, the child remained well, thank God.

It is priceless is to see the faces of joyful children when they are sponsored and receive your support and gifts. Sometimes we are able to take trips by bus to places that some children had never been to, like Wendy’s.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much sponsors for your love of children in need. Thank you for bringing hope to our children and we pray that God will multiply every dollar that you share with kids. God’s continued blessing.

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