Rev. Charles Nsengiyumva

Program Director, Rwanda

Program Director, Rwanda

Rwanda “IGANAWE” Program Director’s Welcome

Our sponsored kids in Rwanda are doing so fine. Compared with the past, before the child sponsorship program, there has been a big change in their lives.First of all, children that receive support in Rwanda are orphans or from very poor families and they are members of the Church of God. Before getting the support they had big problems, not only in their homes but also in our local churches, in schools and in their communities at large.

Today, in schools, our sponsored kids study well because all the school requirements are provided for by COP. It was not easy before getting sponsored, as they were stopping school for a variety of reasons. Today nothing can make a child stop apart from other unknown causes.  Children of promise helps to provide for the government medical insurance, so it is easy for them to get medical treatment. Sickness is now not a stumbling block.  These days sponsored kids can study and succeed well.

Sponsored kids’ families are happier now (parents or guardians).  The reason is that the children  now go from home to school and from school to home. It was different before the support.  Children were were not going to school.  They were just trying to work or scavenge to find food.  One cannot study while hungry, so kids could sometimes go different ways.  For example, some could run errands for people instead of going to school.

Our sponsored kids have developed a special love among themselves; they don’t stay not far from their local church; they like being together. They have different songs they present during Church services; they sing well. The way other children, who are not sponsored, look at them, shows that they desire to be like them. They show confidence, so when it comes for them to present a song, people pay attention.

In their communities, people wonder how orphans and very poor kids study and succeed like others. These days some of them have loved the work of God so that in the future they might help the poor and the voiceless. They have loved Iganawe Rwanda, the COP in Rwanda, therefore may God bless the sponsors all over in USA and other places.

May God keep safe all the COP staff. Long live Children of Promise.

May God be blessed,

Rev. Charles Nsengiyumva

Program Director of IGANAWE RWANDA.

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