Rev. Dorothy Colney

Program Director, Myanmar (Burma)

Program Director, Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar “Myitta” Program Director’s Welcome

The Children of Promise, Myitta, program was started in Myanmar in 2005. As this program helps children with their education, nutrition and food supplies, it has benefited our children very much. Rice is the main food for all of them and is a part of their monthly allotment of food. Additionally, vitamins, noodles, Milo and Ovaltine are given to the children and this helps their health and growth. The Children of Promise ministry ensures that our children will be able to complete their education. And some children have received special attention for their health, undergoing surgery and being freed from the bondage of poverty.

Children are required to attend the Sunday School every week where they learn about Jesus Christ. Many of our children receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord have been baptized. Half of our 300 sponsored children are non-Christians. The children’s lives really change after accepting Jesus Christ. The children’s mothers notice the changes first, following them to church and becoming Christians. After that their fathers notice that the lives of both their children and wives have changed. The fathers begin to attend church and they become Christians also. Even in the community, people around noticed their lives changed and God is being glorified.

Many of our Children of Promise sponsored children finished high school and have now graduated from colleges. Some have become full-time workers at our Church of God ministry in Myanmar. Some have attended seminary while others have become engineers and army officers.

I would like to thank to God and the Children of Promise program from the bottom of my heart for helping our children for their education, health and food concerns. It help them to have hope and meaning in their lives.


Rev. Dorothy Colney

Senior Pastor & President

Church of God in Myanmar (Evangelical) &

Program Director, Myiita program (Myanmar) sponsored by Children of Promise

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