Rev. Emmanuel Masamba

Program Director, Malawi

Program Director, Malawi

Malawi Program Director’s Welcome

I believe this can be the favorite song that sponsored children sing in their hearts:

“When I was ill, thirsty, hungry and poor; Children of Promise provided all the necessities in my life. When I was hopeless, Children of Promise showed me Jesus who cares and provides my hope and future; and now I understand the high value Good Samaritans have upon my life”.

Children of Promise often becomes a parent substitute to sponsored children.  Sponsorship helps orphan children feel loved, hugged and able to identify their position in the society, today and in the near future. The families of sponsored children can appreciate and understand the vastness of God’s love upon His children regardless of age, and see the goodness of the Lord.

Children of Promise imparts the spirit of hard working in the children at school and helps to set realistic goals in their lives and be assured of achieving their goals. Children constitute almost 60 percent of the membership at our churches; and activities (hands on and brains on) are in place to keep the children engaged. Free lessons are offered to sponsored children in all sites to improve their academic performance at school. All children in the community regardless of their religious affiliations are also beneficiaries of the education that we offer. The first site has 102 children coming to learn and interact with their friends. Our volunteers are teaching these children.

Thank you, Children of Promise!

Emmanuel Masamba

COP Director – Malawi

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