FiFi Waheeb

Program Director, Egypt

Egypt Program Director’s Welcome
Most of our children were so surprised that there are believers in Christ, total strangers to them, who are helping them. They and were unable to believe this especially that it is a really long-run commitment to show love toward them, for no reason except that they are children of God! The warm feelings and care that they receive through the monthly benefits makes them very happy and loved. The children appreciate the letters and photos from their sponsors. Receiving the benefits from Children of Promise¬†encourages the children to open their hearts toward everyone around them. We can see it in the eyes of their families, who have begun to come regularly to the church’s meetings. They express appreciation and closeness. We can see it in the children’s letters to their sponsors. We can see it, too, in the atmosphere of warmness which overwhelms our church’s congregations and makes all of us feel that we are one family,¬† The God’s family”. FiFi Waheeb

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