Dr. Ofelia Viray

Program Director, The Philippines

Program Director, The Philippines

The Philippines “Grace Family Helper Project” Program Director’s Welcome

Warmest greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

The Philippines is a very populated country – with about 100,000,000 people spread over its 7,101 islands. Ten percent of the population belong to the rich stratum, twenty percent belong to the middle class while the remaining seventy percent are constituted by people in the poverty level.

Despite the government’s good efforts to eradicate poverty in the country, there are people who remain poor and who feel they have become even poorer. Consequently, these people feel alienated – from other people as well as from God. This feeling of alienation leads to a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. It is toward these people that Grace Family Helper Project has focused and directed its programs and services.

Grace Family Helper Project is working with the poorest of the poor in Metro Manila, mostly dwelling in the poorest district of Manila, which is Tondo. These people are the families who had migrated to Manila in the early years, believing it is a land of promise that will give them prosperity. Instead, they found that opportunities were limited and they had to contend with the reality of a hand-to-mouth existence. It is to their good fortune that the Children of Promise came into operation and forged a tie with Grace Family Helper Project, the social arm of the First Church of God of Manuguit on Abucay Street, Manuguit, Tondo, Manila.

Quite numerous are the member-families of the church in Manuguit and in our mission churches in Central Luzon. These families are indigent and really need support for their children in the fields of education, health, and nutrition. The children naturally became the first group of beneficiaries of the programs funded by Children of Promise.

Without the support of the program, these children would not have completed secondary education and would not have gone on to college through our consortium with public and private universities. Without the support of the program, the parents would not have been provided with income-generating skills that they now use profitably in augmenting the income of their families. And without the support of the program, they would not have known the love and mercy of God which leads them to salvation through accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And through the program of Children of Promise, they have found hope and confidence in living a victorious life.

The children and their families are most grateful to you and the program.

In the service of God’s Children,

Dr. Ofelia L. Viray

Executive Director

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