Rev. Sanjay Murmu

Program Director, India (West Bengal)

Program Director, India (West Bengal)

India (West Bengal) Director’s Welcome

I personally consider it a privilege to be a part of the Children of Promise program for over a decade. This ministry has been a great blessing to the underprivileged children of this region. Through this ministry we have addressed the physical, spiritual, socio-emotional and education of many children in need.

The local church has been able to translate their love for their neighbors in deeds by adopting [sponsoring] children from the community to help the child and the family at large. Many children have successfully graduated from this program and are studying in colleges, some have even started to work. This has been possible because someone, somewhere, sacrificially made an attempt to bring a smile and hope into a child’s life, who otherwise did not have the resources.

Even today, there are mothers selling their sons away for few hundred rupees, as they are not able to take care of them. They are willing to give away their daughters for there is no one willing to pay a price for them. We can redeem, restore and release these precious children in Jesus’ name.

Rev. Sanjay Daniel Murmu

Program Director

West Bengal, India

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