Shikha Biswas

Program Director, Bangladesh

Program Director, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Program Director’s Welcome

Children of Promise started here in October 2012. Since then it has made a difference in our Church, our believers and their neighbors, and, above all, the neglected children of our country. We all know that Bangladesh is a very poor country where most of the people live under the poverty level and the children are the most neglected ones here.

Before we started the Children of Promise ministry, many of the children of our Church could not go to school or get proper nutrition. They did not have nice clothes to wear. Their lives changed with this sponsorship program.

Once their sponsorships began, the sponsored children were able to attend school, eat nutritious food and also wear good clothes. They don’t have to live without food. The children are no longer neglected in our society. They are also getting proper health check-ups. The sponsored children receive medical care as needed so their health is protected for a lifetime.

Now growing in intellect in school, the sponsored children are accepting, developing, and growing up in reverence toward God. They hear about the saving grace of the Lord, and many have come to know Jesus Christ as Savior. Children of Promise is changing our society and the lives of our children in positive ways.

Shihka Biswas

Program Director

Children of Promise, Bangladesh

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