An Important Milestone in Tanzania!

The leadership of Safina, the Children of Promise program in Tanzania, was handed over to the first national director, Herman Kisasila David on August 18 with the blessing of Children of Promise and the national church leadership in Tanzania. This program assists between 800 and 900 children in 17 areas of the country. We are excited that Herman has assumed the directorship and have full confidence in him as a leader and as a person. MIssionaries Scott and Deanna Compton have done an outstanding job of preparing Safina for this change, as have the Armstrongs, the Kemmers, the Shulars, and the Bakers, as former directors. Safina was started in 1995 by Don and Caroline Armstrong, and is a great blessing to the children and the church. Pastors, teachers, church ministry leaders, and a host of other adults in various professions and jobs now are serving and bettering the churches, their communities, and all of Tanzania because of this program.

Please join us in praying for Herman Kisasila David and the Safina staff in Tanzania, as well as the Comptons as they transition back to the U. S. in December.

We are so proud of our Tanzanian program and its children and leaders.

Linda Mason, Assistant Director at Children of Promise, was present for the handover of leadership this week.

Paul's Signature (thick)

Dr. Paul Maxfield
Executive Director