After an extensive and prayerful search, the Board of Directors of Children of Promise is pleased to announce the selection of Rev. Dr. Mike and Heather Webb as the next Co-Directors for Children of Promise, the Church of God child sponsorship ministry.

Mike and Heather will begin working at Children of Promise on August 1, 2019. They will work with Dr. Maxfield and the COP Staff for two months in orientation, sponsorship processes, and ministry administration. During this time, they will be introduced to the international programs and their directors in the thirty countries. They will assume full responsibility on October 1, 2019.

Children of Promise Board Chair, Dale VanHoose shares, “Within the treasured COP history of Founders Sidney and Jean Johnson and then Paul and Brenda Maxfield, we celebrate as the Webb’s take on the leadership mantle as a couple. The Board of Directors is very pleased to have Mike and Heather Webb as our new Co-Directors, replacing Dr. Paul Maxfield when he retires. Mike and Heather have an extensive background with the Church of God and will serve well as the leaders of Children of Promise.”

The Webbs come to Children of Promise with 15 years of experience in missionary and cross-cultural ministry.

They are presently serving as Regional Coordinators for Africa with Global Strategy (Church of God Ministries). In this capacity, they supervise and provide care and support for Global Strategy personnel in Africa. They have also been instrumental in the development, implementation, and evaluation of Global Strategy projects in Africa. They have led the continent’s church leaders in pursuing holistic health and unity within the Church of God in Africa. They are widely loved and respected by the African leaders of the Church of God and Global Strategy Missionaries in Africa.

Mike and Heather have also served at H.E.A.R.T. Missionary Training Institute (Warner University) for three years where Mike was academic liaison and Heather served as public relations coordinator. In their roles at H.E.A.R.T., the Webbs helped train future missionaries to all parts of the world.

The Webbs served as career missionaries through Global Missions of the Church of God for five years in Tanzania (2007-2012) where they coordinated the T.E.E. (Theological Education by Extension) Program.

They also served a two-year special assignment through Global Missions of the Church of God at the International Christian School in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia (2004-2006).

The Webbs have a daughter, Madalyn (Maddy), age 8.

The Webbs also come to Children of Promise exceptionally prepared for the intercultural and ministry demands of leading Children of Promise:  Mike, an ordained minister in the Church of God, holds a Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree from Fuller Theological Seminary as well as a Master of Arts degree in Missions and Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College. His Bachelor’s degree is from Huntington College in the area of Educational Ministries with an emphasis in Cross-Cultural Ministry. He also holds a diploma from H.E.A.R.T. Missionary Training Institute.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Ministries from Huntington College with an emphasis in cross-cultural ministry as well as an Associates degree in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati. She also holds a diploma from H.E.A.R.T. Missionary Training Institute.

Jeff Jenness, Chair of the COP Search Committee and President of Servant Solutions, shares the following regarding the appointment of the Webbs:  “What an incredible blessing to welcome Mike and Heather Webb as the next Directors of Children of Promise. During the search process, the Search Committee was overwhelmed by how wide and how deep the pool of candidates who possessed remarkable gifts was. Throughout the work, the Search Committee felt the guidance of the Lord. We spent significant time in prayer and in seeking the Lord’s will. And today, we sense affirmation with the selection of the Webbs and their acceptance of this important task. I invite all of our COP partners to join us in praying for and encouraging Mike and Heather as they are installed this summer.”

Dr. Paul Maxfield is retiring on September 30, 2019, after 16 years of leading Children of Promise. Preceding Dr. Maxfield and his wife, Brenda (co-directors from 2003 – 2007), were the founders and Co-Coordinators of Children of Promise, Drs. Jean and Sidney Johnson (1992-2003).

Dr. Maxfield says of the Webb’s selection: “I am thrilled that Mike and Heather will be leading Children of Promise into the next chapter of ministry. On every front, their ministry preparation, experiences, and relationships have prepared them for directing this ministry to children in need around the world. I look forward to working with them in the transition. They have my full support and prayers as they take the mantle of leadership.”

Please join all of us at Children of Promise in welcoming and praying for Mike, Heather, and Maddy.

Welcome to Children of Promise!